Yarn Tangles

I knit… so I don’t kill somebody. I knit… because it’s relaxing. I knit… because it’s fun! I knit… because I can’t buy what I want to wear in any store.

Some people think I’m a nutcase because I go to the local school and teach dozens of kids, ages 9 to 14, to knit. Sometimes as many as 100 kids at a time. I must be more patient than I realize. Maybe my sweetie is rubbing off on me. Or maybe those other people were right and I am a nutcase.

I’ll get around to putting some photos up someday. Ummm… yeah. I’ll remember to take some photos of current or past projects and maybe even some WIPs. Meanwhile… here’s my favourite knitting related website. If you don’t know how to knit already, you will be inspired to learn by some of the lovely work on this site.

The next project on my list… Dreambird Shawl by Nadita Swings on the Ravelry website.

Dreambird in progress, modelled by Maia… maia-dreams-of-birds

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