You’re actually going to read an “About” page? I guess I’d better be about something if you’re going to waste your precious moments reading this.

It would be much easier if I knew what I was about, wouldn’t it?

How about this… I am a work in progress.

I am a “retired” ecologist who chose to devote most of the last 14 years to being Mama. Out of all the boys in the world, somehow I ended up with the best ones. It was definitely a full time job in the early years but now that they’re growing up (NO!!!) and needing much less of my time, I am spending much more of it in artistic pursuits. I am a painter – doodler – sculptor – knitter – quilter – mess maker – pack-rat with aspirations to be better organized. I am incredibly lucky that my sweetie is the most patient man on the planet. Okay, there might be a more patient zen monk out there. But my guy comes close in that department.

This blog is about… ummmm… it is also a work in progress. Currently my intention is to use it to¬† share some art, some art ideas, some recipes, some adventures. You will (eventually) find posts of my own works, some of the work my boys have done, some of the projects that I’ve taught in classrooms and art clubs. You will probably also find posts about things that I find inspiring or that I want to try myself.

One other thing I promised a friend… recipes. I am notoriously bad about writing recipes down. It’s hard when the ingredients change all the time and I am definitely a “pinch of this and a pinch of that, wait, I’m out of that, how about a pinch of this instead” sort of cook. Usually it turns out edible. sometimes it’s just downright yummy. Those are the recipes I have been asked to share. I will make the attempt but I make no promises. I’ll also post some of our easy meals that require next to no thought. Handy when you have kids and chauffeuring to juggle in the evenings. Don’t expect fancy photos… they may or may not happen. And if they do, there will probably be sauce on the camera lens.


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