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OZAD – Day 6


Some of my favourites in today’s assignment on one stroke patterns. I love the organic leafiness of Mooka and Flux. Amaze calls to my mind the Mola embroidery of the Kuna Indians of the san Blas Islands off the eastern coast of Panama. This has quickly become one of my favourite fill patterns.


On the second tile, I used Amaze behind the other patterns without letting it touch the pattern above. You can decide which direction is up for this tile. I haven’t a clue.


I’m following orders again. Yes, it’s hard to believe. But, I assure you, it’s absolutely true. I was told to share ZIA with people who aren’t conveniently near my portfolio to flip through. This is a watercolour wash on Arches 140 lb cold press paper with Sakura micron pen tangled on top.


(You who shall not be named… does this satisfy your demands?) There is also a small selection of a few of my favourites here just in case one wasn’t enough. I may add more in the future. If I receive more orders, I might decide to follow them. It could happen.

OZAD – Day 5

I’ve used a pattern similar to Isochor before but there were some spaces between the “sausages.” I think it’s called Indy Rella but I’m not positive. This was another one that I found challenging in that the parallel lines really required concentration to keep them from getting wonky and sloppy.

ozad-5-1a Printemps I love. Something about circles and spirals just speaks to me. This is the Printemps sample I did before I combined the two. I was very pleasantly surprised by the spring dancer that emerged from the very simple string.





ozad-5-1b I’m undecided on whether I like these two beside each other like this. Oops… forgot the sparkles on the Printemps, too. Still having issues with the scanner not capturing the shadows as they appear on the paper. I’d be grateful for advice from any scanning gurus out there.

OZAD – Day 4

ozad-4-1b In the words of my 14 year old son… “meh.” There’s no law that says we have to like them all.

ozad-4-1a I think I did this one in the school library while I was waiting for the lunch club to start. There were a lot of hearts being drawn and coloured and then framed on bright card stock that day. You can see a few of the tiles that the kids made into Valentine’s for their parents here.

ozad-4-2 This was the exercise in shading the “same” piece from different directions. Oddly, the first direction was easier to shade than the second. Explain that, please?

OZAD – Day 3

These “tiles” are, again, in my sketchbook. I’ve been in the habit of carrying my sketchbook and doodling while waiting at sax/piano lessons, dentist, wherever. That’s on the days I don’t take my knitting instead. So, when I started OZAD, it just seemed natural to continue these daily lessons in it. I’ve passed day 11 now that I’m writing this post and it occurs to me that I should probably be using tiles since some of these turn out frame worthy. However, this little traveller journal does a very good job of keeping things together. On the occasions that I use a different piece of paper to tangle, I just tape it in (usually with archival quality double sided tape).

ozad-3a So… first “tile.” I love Hollibaugh and decided to create a star with it and tangle behind it with the other two patterns. Poke root and I have never gotten along. The more roots I poked, the more I disliked the tile. I wanted to finish it anyway so I added the Festune. Also not a regularly used pattern but it did ground the Poke Root a bit. Still didn’t really like it. Finally, I added the distant, dotted Hollibaugh and shaded then moved on. Surprisingly, especially after not looking at it for a few weeks, I like this one.

ozad-3b The second tile is another indicator of Valentine’s Day getting close. Can’t imagine why I would think that.

OZAD – Day 2

ozad-2a I used String 039 from tanglepatterns.com for this one. Now we know I received the book before Valentine’s Day. Knight’s Bridge is another pattern I don’t use often but I like the strong background under the heart. Fescu has always been one of my favourites. Nekton was another new one for me and I find I really enjoy it.



ozad-2b A slight variation on the heart string for this one. Not bad. The spiral heart has possibilities but I think it doesn’t stand out against the too busy background. It looks better in the journal. I’m definitely losing some of the shading during the scanning process. Must figure that out.


OZAD – Day 1

A friend sent me a Mastercard Gift Card and I thought that One Zentangle a Day, a wonderful book by Beckah Krahula would be a great way to spend it. OZAD is subtitled as A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun. Who doesn’t need that? Conveniently, it’s available on amazon.com so I cashed in my card (Thanks Chris!) and the book arrived in my mailbox sometime mid-February.  I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

I’m sure I’ve had OZAD for close to 5 weeks by now and I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to get through 11 days of lessons.

Too busy? Too slow? Really savouring each lesson? Whatever… I’m really enjoying it and I  encourage you to do the same. No, I do not know Beckah. No, I do not get royalties from her book sales. Do I find relaxation, inspiration and fun while following the lessons in the book? You bet. Do I think you should buy it? What do you think?

Too many questions? How about I post my Day 1 efforts?

ozad-1-1a I’ve never used Static before and found it a bit bland on this piece. Definitely takes a lot of attention to keep those lines parallel… and maybe less coffee.

ozad-1-1b Still not entirely sold on Static. I’m also noticing that my scanner wreaks havoc on the shading. Both of these were done with Sakura micron pens in a Pentalic journal.