A Bit Neglected, Not Forgotten

It has been a very long time since I posted something. For both of you who read this blog regularly (okay… now and then), I thought I’d let you know what’s up so you don’t have to wonder if I’ve decided to abandon the poor, wee blog.

I have lots of things to post. Really. I do. I have photos. I have more of Aidan’s art home from school (finally). I have new projects to share. I might even have a tangle or two. What I don’t have… a computer that cooperates. Shortly after the last photos were put online, the silly computer decided that it no longer recognized my camera via USB. It doesn’t have a card reader since the unnamed person who ordered the parts and built the computer sorta neglected that useful feature. Now it has decided that it can’t access the DVD drive. It regularly fails to boot properly, too. Motherboard? Power supply? Might be all sorts of things. Sometime this summer, we’ll get around to opening it up and figuring out what’s faulty and we’ll get her operating smoothly again. Until then, since I can’t upload photos, I’m going to wait to post about the content of those photos. So you have to wait, too. All two of you.

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