Grade 4 and 5 Art

This project was a delight. I was lucky enough to guide about 90 grade four students through this art project last year. It is a mixed media piece incorporating multiple layers, crayon, oil pastel and watercolour. The most wonderful thing about this project is that every child had success and created a piece of art that made them proud.


This lovely ocean scene is by Alex.

The following was a project assigned at school and completed at home. This grade 5 art assignment:  paint yourself participating in a sport. He chose rock climbing and started his painting at school. Unfortunately, the canvas hadn’t been primed, the acrylic paint at school was watery and transparent and the brushes were horrible. Needless to say, we were able to fix those things at home. Alex is proud of the final result and we’re thrilled to have it hanging in the family room.


Alex going up…

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