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Grade 4 and 5 Art

This project was a delight. I was lucky enough to guide about 90 grade four students through this art project last year. It is a mixed media piece incorporating multiple layers, crayon, oil pastel and watercolour. The most wonderful thing about this project is that every child had success and created a piece of art that made them proud.


This lovely ocean scene is by Alex.

The following was a project assigned at school and completed at home. This grade 5 art assignment:  paint yourself participating in a sport. He chose rock climbing and started his painting at school. Unfortunately, the canvas hadn’t been primed, the acrylic paint at school was watery and transparent and the brushes were horrible. Needless to say, we were able to fix those things at home. Alex is proud of the final result and we’re thrilled to have it hanging in the family room.


Alex going up…

Springing Forth

Last week, in my painting class, the selected subject was a lovely waterfront scene looking across the Lake of Two Rivers in Algonquin Park. It was lovely. But it was also an autumn scene. Since I was feeling in dire need of Spring, I pulled a photo out of my bag and drew this instead. Alas, these little crocus blooms are not spring forth in my yard. The squirrels ate all mine. Perhaps this fall I’ll try planting some more.


Two Birds In Progress

Spring is definitely springing around here. The weather has been spectacularly beautiful for the last couple weeks. Warm and sunny, hot on some days. The garden is growing as if it were June already. Proof below… check out the incredible wildflower meadow beside my deck!


Not only do we have this glorious field of purple and gold, we have the promise of fragrant blooms. This is especially wonderful since we planted four new lilacs two years ago and last year’s buds were all frost-killed due to an unseasonably hot March followed by a very cold April. Just looking at the blooms swelling, I can almost smell the loveliness.


Clearly, the garden has been intensely creative lately. As for me, well… despite evidence to the contrary above, I’ve been pulling misplaced plants and tidying the garden. I am trying to embrace my inner ecologist (hang on… I am an ecologist) and accept the wildflowers (not weeds) which grow abundantly in my yard. We’ve been out on the deck barbecuing a lot lately. Many dinners in the warmth, even back in April. I’m sure we’ll pay the price for this early spring delight but I’ve been enjoying it as much as possible.

I haven’t been drawing as much as usual but I have been knitting plenty. Two projects going now. The one on the right is Dreambird… 1/2 to 2/3 done. The one on the left is Jaybird.


Had to add Jaybird to the WIP list because I needed something I could do without thinking about the pattern while waiting for various piano, swimming and squash lessons… and orthodontic appointments.


Go Leafs!