OZAD – Days 14 & 15

It seems to have been a long while since I posted an OZAD assignment. If you were worried about being overwhelmed by too-frequent blog posts, you can stop worrying now.

ozad-14-1 One lesson a day… ummm… no. I accept that there just isn’t enough time in a day to accomplish everything I want. And I really do try to create every day. It’s just that there are so many things clamouring at me to create them. Among the usual weekly errands there has been a movie night, the testing of a new grain free recipe, a bit of geocaching when it wasn’t absolutely pouring rain and a geocaching event. There has also been a flurry of knitting which I’ll tell you about in the next post. I have come to the conclusion that OZAD for me is OZITMA (One Zentangle If Time and Mood Allow.) And, really, isn’t that better than being under pressure to de-stress? I know you agree.

Day 14 is titled Decorative Value. Shading planes with no discernible light source. Seems like it ought to be easy but I don’t think it was in the end. I started with the practice page for the Dyon, Chainging and Keeko patterns. I finished it several days ago and thought I was done with it. Today, when I photographed it and looked at the image on the computer I decided it wasn’t done when I finished it but that is the way it’s going to stay.

ozad-14-2a ozad-14-2b Next was the actual assignment using those patterns on a white tile. Yup. Might not be done this one either. I like it but I think I could have shaded the bottom layer a bit more as the decorative values aren’t jumping out at me.

The second part of this assignment was to pursue decorative value on a black tile. No surprise that Flux and Amaze showed up. Am I getting predictable? Mostly, I found it much harder to think in reverse so I used patterns that I don’t have to think about too hard. I’m not entirely sure I’ve gotten the decorative value thing under my belt. At least not when that was the assignment. I wonder if maybe I’ve forgotten how to do my homework.

Sometime between Day 14 and today, I worked on Day 15. Like I said… lots of other creativity going on around here.

Organic patterns. Yay!

Yincut is new to me (sort of) and I don’t really think of it as organic. More like a tile floor. Locar was a fun one to learn and I’m sure I’ll continue using it. Verdigogh reminds me of Douglas Fir branches. So much so that I can smell them. I like this one and really should use it more often. One thing I discovered with the two leafy, branchy patterns was that those fine cut details are very difficult to tangle behind. Especially with a cat trying to sit on the tile. Pandora has a different opinion about zentangle. She thinks Zen involves me putting the pen down and rubbing her belly. Now.

ozad-15-1 The first one included Yincut and it worked out not too badly. I didn’t shade this tangle at all. Just used the density of the patterns to further address day 14′s lesson on decorative value. I think it worked out a bit better with the Yincut definitely being on a plane behind the Locar. I think that aspect got a bit confused with the Verdigogh appearing to part of the same plane as the Yincut. Perhaps I should shade it and see what happens. Or maybe I’m just analyzing it too much.

ozad-15-2 The whole thing had a tile floor in the middle of an organic environment look to it so I did it again. The second tile reads as more organic with a sea floor feel to it. Sea weed and sea urchin. Jumped right from forest to ocean. My background isn’t showing here at all, is it?

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