OZAD – Days 12 & 13

Day 12 was a challenge. Balance… I’m a klutz. Harmony… only if you give me a big bucket to carry the tune. Variety… that I can manage although I admit to being hooked on a few favourites. For example, one of my favourite easy dinners is in the oven right now. The kitchen smells divinely of roast chicken, onions and garlic. Does it get any better than that?

Back to zentangle though… balance, harmony and variety. The exercise using tangleations of Beelight and Bales just didn’t work for me. It didn’t work so badly that I didn’t even bother scanning the several attempts I made. No matter what I did, the tangles ended up seeming much too busy. Balance seemed to be lost to a blob of sameness as there wasn’t enough variety between the two patterns. I’m pretty sure all the tiles were singing way off key. Shading didn’t help. I will need to revisit this challenge someday but before I get frustrated, I’m moving on.

Deconstruction and reconstruction of patterns was a much more appealing lesson on Day 13. I spent a morning filling a page of my journal with a huge mess of many patterns, each morphing or blending with its neighbours. The end result had a lot of satisfying little sections but overall, it was a confuzzlement of practice tangling. Not scanning that either.

ozad-12 But this one, I did scan. Florz and Onamato are patterns I only use occasionally so it was a refreshing exercise. I tried to keep it very simple and only added Tipple to the decon/recon mix. End result feels a bit like something you might on the ocean floor and I’m resisting the urge to ocean colours.


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