OZAD – Day 9

Woohoooo! Shinies!

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I have to say that I enjoyed this one bunches. I went digging through all the old pencil crayon boxes and tested all the whites and bright colours on black paper. And then I dug through the pens drawers and found all the Gel pens that would show up on black. Then it was playtime. I tested everything on both cardstock and black Canson Pastel paper (98 lb).

ozad-9-1a Between the Crayola, Laurentian and Prismacolor pencil crayons, the Prismacolor wins hands down on both paper types. I haven’t scanned the tests for the coloured pencils but Prismacolor showed up much better than the other types. The bright colours were vivid on black and many of the darker colours were quite visible. For the pens, the Sakura Jelly Roll in white and metallic both show really well. The Sakura Jelly Roll Star pens often didn’t show much colour but they did leave a very nice sparkle behind. The Sky Star and Marine Star seemed to have the nicest effects on black. Although it’s hard to see in these scans, it looks very nice on paper.

ozad-9-1b I also tried a Pentel Sunburst white pen with a medium tip. It produces a much finer line than the Jelly Roll which is going to be very useful even though the white isn’t as solid. It works well on the rough pastel paper but on smooth card stock it skips too much to be useful.


ozad-9-2a After playing with various implements for a while, I got around to doing a few tangles. The monotangle of Pardox is one I often do in classrooms with kids who are waiting for the next step of an art project. It’s easy to learn and the kids always have success with it, even if they struggle to understand the method in the beginning. How can you not have success with such an elegant little doodle?

ozad-9-2b Then, after all those straight lines, I had to do a tangle with organic shapes. Looking at a scan of a tile works sort of like stepping away to get a better view. Now that I’m looking at this tile on the screen, I think I need to carry the Fescu further across to the right.

Looking forward to some free time to play with the other coloured metallics and sparkles.

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