OZAD – Day 11

ozad-11-1b Auras and rounding today. The first tangle has Flux, Mooka, Tipple and Amaze. You must be astounded that I chose those ones again, yes?

ozad-11-1c For a bit of variety in the organic theme: Flux, Opus, Rain, Fescu and Tipple.

ozad-11-2 This assignment involved using a brush tip pen and shading with water. Since my pigma brush pen was waterproof, I used a bit of watercolour to do the shading. Then I had to add a bit of colour. I seem to be working with a mossy theme these days. Must be spring trying to emerge in my sketchbook.

By the way, the website is 2 days old now and I’ve been backposting a lot of stuff. At least this particular category is all caught up. I’m reminded that there are lots of adventures to post. For now though, I’m going to go sit down and sip tea. And then, maybe I’ll continue with Day 12 exercises.

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