OZAD – Day 5

I’ve used a pattern similar to Isochor before but there were some spaces between the “sausages.” I think it’s called Indy Rella but I’m not positive. This was another one that I found challenging in that the parallel lines really required concentration to keep them from getting wonky and sloppy.

ozad-5-1a Printemps I love. Something about circles and spirals just speaks to me. This is the Printemps sample I did before I combined the two. I was very pleasantly surprised by the spring dancer that emerged from the very simple string.





ozad-5-1b I’m undecided on whether I like these two beside each other like this. Oops… forgot the sparkles on the Printemps, too. Still having issues with the scanner not capturing the shadows as they appear on the paper. I’d be grateful for advice from any scanning gurus out there.

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